Where you find the sound waves of music, you find hope.
Listen for the silence first. I am concerned with what music is.
Heidi Peters.


In January 2020, upon the recommendation of Dr. Dorian Leljak, President of the World Piano Conference (WPC) and the World Piano Teachers’ Association (WPTA), Heidi received her first invitation to present on a topic(s) of her choosing at the World Piano Conference (WPC) in Europe.


My Philosophy

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Aristotle. Maintaining an open mind and heart is key to remaining teachable and adaptable to new possibilities.


The Music Teacher

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The Consultant

None of us knows everything. Sharing my experience and strengths to make you stronger is my game.

The Musicians’ Health Education Consultant


The Diabetes Education Consultant


H  e  i  d  i        P  e  t  e  r  s

What do I do the best?

I am an explorer, an innovative, creative thinker and a networker!
I am interested in discovering new possibilities!
I love to learn! I love to help others!
Communication is my game!
I am a musician! I am a healthy piano player!
I am a teacher!
I have a wealth of experience, education and tons of energy!
I am a collaborator! We are stronger together!
I am passionate about all I do!
I have hope!
I am Heidi Peters.


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Heidi works tirelessly to unlock the full potential of her students and has a track record of developing world-class professional musicians and artists.

Arun Chaturvedi. Award-winning Producer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, and Mixer.

I had the pleasure of hearing Heidi Peters present a session at the 2018 USF-PAMA Southeast Regional Conference entitled “Lifecycle of the Performing Artist.” Her presentation, “The Diagnosis and Prevention of Injury Contributing Habits for the Pianist,” offered those in attendance a valuable toolkit of strategies to aid in keeping our students healthy. She is a wonderful presenter, offering this important information with humour and realism, based upon her own experiences that have kept her students healthy and enjoying their ability to make music.

Gail Berenson, Professor Emerita of Piano, Ohio University, Past President, Music Teachers National Association (MTNA USA).

Heidi helped me to love playing the piano and making music. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Studying Theory with her was always a blast because she is so full of energy and loves what she does – there was never a dull moment in that class!

Kayla Solomon
Trumpeter, Award-winning DMA candidate.

Nigh on revolutionary. I’ve been trained by some of the best, ergonomically speaking, and Heidi was able to show me things I hadn’t seen before – or to correct problems that only other very elite individuals, like Dorothy Taubman herself, had spotted but did not have time to fix.

Caleb Flick, American International Concert Pianist.

Heidi Peters: My Mission and Goals.

Heidi Peters: My Mission

To joyfully nurture culture, health and social justice through innovative education for the betterment of society.

Heidi Peters: My Teaching Goal

My teaching goal is equally simple: To give all students the opportunity and tools with which to achieve their personal best.

My Performing Arts Health Education Goal

My Performing Arts Health Education Goal is to foster new collaborative opportunities for combining experiential knowledge, science and the art of education to enhance the longevity of careers by focusing on injury prevention.

My Diabetes Education Goal

My Diabetes Education Goal is to foster new collaborative opportunities for combining experiential knowledge, science and the art of education to greatly enhance the quality of daily life for individuals with diabetes.


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