Nigh on revolutionary. I’ve been trained by some of the best, ergonomically speaking, and Heidi was
able to show me things I hadn’t seen before – or to correct problems that only other very elite individuals, like Dorothy Taubman herself, had spotted but did not have time to fi

Caleb Flick, Concert Pianist.

I had the pleasure of hearing Heidi Peters present a session at the 2018 USF-PAMA
Southeast Regional Conference entitled “Lifecycle of the Performing Artist.” Her
presentation, “The Diagnosis and Prevention of Injury Contributing Habits for the Pianist,”
offered those in attendance a valuable toolkit of strategies to aid in keeping our students
healthy. She is a wonderful presenter, offering this important information with humor and
realism, based upon her own experiences that have kept her students healthy and enjoying
their ability to make music.

Gail Berenson, Professor Emerita of Piano, Ohio University, Past
President, Music Teachers National Association (MTNA USA).

Heidi works tirelessly to unlock the full potential of her students and has a track record of
developing world-class professional musicians and artists.

Arun Chaturvedi. Award-winning Producer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Mixer.

Heidi helped me to love playing the piano and making music. She puts her heart and soul into
everything she does. Studying Theory with her was always a blast because she is so full of
energy and loves what she does – there was never a dull moment in that class!

Kayla Solomon, trumpeter, Award-winning DMA candidate

I am very proud of my friend, Heidi. She always impresses me with her enthusiasm to learn, including about diabetes. I believe Heidi has a high standard of care, credibility and a unique knowledge base that enables her to help diabetic patients on a larger scale. Therefore, I have encouraged Heidi to develop an educational program about diabetes to serve the community and help people living with diabetes enjoy a better quality of life.

Dr. Nermin Gergis, CCFP

Heidi will take your musicianship farther than you ever imagined. Her support of her
students is without equal.

Karlee Dyck. Dietician and musician.

So much of who I am becoming as a musician is due to my incredible teacher and
mentor, Heidi, who has pushed me and encouraged me not to be scared of the hard things, to
push outside my comfort zone so that I can become the musician that I want to be.

Laura Visser, piano teacher and crochet artist.

Heidi is a creative, intuitive, motivational coach and teacher. Her knowledge and teachings
extend far beyond technical specific training as a ‘life coach’ to her students.

Larissa, parent.

Looking for an excellent piano teacher/mentor? Look no further. She completely changed
how our kid looked at music in the best possible way!

Barb Hamilton, parent, professional musician, school music teacher, El Sistema.

When I first came to your studio, my only goal was to finish an exam and get it checked off the
list of things I needed to finish. Instead, you’ve shown me how to approach music differently as a
lifelong journey rather than a race. Now I know that music will always be part of my life and that
I’ll always want to learn from it. Thank you for helping me change my perspective on music.

Lauren McIllroy.