Heidi Peters, THE MUSIC TEACHER, trains healthy piano players one beautiful note at a time.

­Piano Lessons, Music Theory Lessons and much more.


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A limited number of students, ranging from school-age to adults, are accepted for regular weekly piano lessons and music theory lessons during the September-June academic year. In addition, extra lessons and more alternatives may be available.

The focus is on giving students learning tools:


    • That they can apply everywhere, any time,

    • To learn how to embrace challenges,

    • To turn on their unique superpowers,

    • To be comfortable being themselves,

    • To harness the power of music,

    • To become better athletes and musicians,

    • To identify and mediate injury-contributing habits,

    • To calm down,

    • To learn practical problem-solving skills,

    • To think creatively,

    • To apply critical thinking strategies,

    • To learn how to become a team player.

    • To play beautiful music with ease,

    • And much more.